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SINOBAND Shenzhen Sinoband Electric Co., Ltd, by the brand name of SINOBAND, has been doing our best to be China's NO.1 Professional High End Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Audio Supplier and Manufacturer. The products are mostly designed and produced in a highly first class manner, delivering better and more premium sound for all our customers and parnters all over the world.
We, Shenzhen SuperPad Technology Co., Ltd, which belongs to Hongkong Sinoband Group Co Ltd, is a professional manufacturing plant of various pads, such as coasters, bar mats, bar runners, counter mats, non slip pads, dash mates, dashboard pads, sticky pads, non slip mats, anti slip pads, anti slip mats, super pads, smart pads, sticky mats, skid pads, dashboard mats, dashboard pads, dashboard mats, desk pads, gaskets and any other rubber and plastic products in various kinds of materials and specifications;
We, Shenzhen Haitech Electric Co., Ltd. is a Professional enterprise specialized in mold design and making, product OEM etc. Presently, more than 300 skilled workers are employed. At the same time, about 3000 square meters are used for building a workshop with 4 standard assembly lines.
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